Helixium Eye Contour

Based on BIO Helix Aspersa secretion,  BIO Sechium Edule, BIO royal jelly and elderberry.

98% of the ingredients is from natural origin. 20% of the total ingredients is from biological agriculture.

The area around the eyes is very thin, fragile and marked by the time passing.

The unique association of complex HELIXIUM naturally regenerating and antioxidant, with elderflower water decongestant and the BIO Osilift complex tensor, penetrates in the heart of the cells. an energy reservoir for lskin renewal.

A fresh and light formula that melts into the skin in perfect harmony.

The snail slime is very rich in:
• allantoin: cell regeneration.
• proteins and vitamins :: skin nutrition.
• proteins capable of breaking down bacterial cell walls.
• glycolic acid: regenerates damaged tissues.
• hyaluronic acid: conserves large amounts of water to keep the skin hydrated.
– The Sechium Edule: regenerative and antioxidant.
– BIO Osilift ,oat derivative with a lifting effect.

Apply a few drops in the morning and / or evening with the roll-on, on the area around the eyes, thoroughly cleansed with HELIXIUM Micelar Water.

Presentation: ROLL ON 10 ML.

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