Helixium Micellar Lotion

Based on BIO Helix Aspersa secetions / BIO Sechium Edule, Aloe Vera and elderberry.

98% of the ingredients is from natural origin. 10% of the total ingredients is from biological agriculture.

It is a delicate and fresh water that cleans and removes skin impurities and make-up of the face and eyes area.

The unique combination of the decongestant HELIXIUM complex with elderberry flower water and Aloe Vera, gives a purity and sweetness feeling

The snail slime is very rich in:

  • allantoin: cell regeneration.
  • proteins and vitamins: skin nutrition.
  • proteins capable of breaking down bacterial cell walls.
  • glycolic acid: regeneration of damaged tissues.
  • hyaluronic acid: storage of large quantities of water, so that the skin is kept hydrated.

The Sechium Edule is particularly interesting given the variety of amino acids it contains: regenerative properties.

The elder flower water :: decongestant, soothing.

Aloe Vera: regenerator, antioxidant.

Apply on the face, around the eyes and neck using a cotton pad to completely eliminate impurities and traces of makeup.

WITHOUT RINSING. You can then apply your usual treatment.

Presentation: 200 ml bottle.

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