Bio is health by Marcela Valoroso Motos

Marcela Valoroso Motos

Pharmacist and businesswoman, director of SKINATURE-HELIXIUM.

A range of cosmetics for good health without toxic.

BIO is Health.

“As a specialist in skin health, I always wanted to develop effective and well tolerated products.

To develop cosmetic products we use emulsifiers, preservatives, texture agents, active ingredients, fragrances, pH regulators, dyes …

Chemistry can not be avoided, but it is important to select non-toxic ingredients to health. That is the principle of GREEN chemistry.

What is the difference between traditional cosmetics and BIO cosmetics?

What are the certifications that accredit the BIO or natural products?

Why BIO is it good for the skin and the environment?

Three good reasons to choose BIO products:

1- does not contain ingredients derived from petrochemicals accumulating in the organism.

  • NO GMO.

BIO ingredients act naturally on the skin.

2-draconian controls and traceability.

There is a real traceability of each raw material used.

BIO cosmetics undergo very strict controls to satisfy many requirements: from the farmer, supplier of raw materials (technical specifications, acceptable limits) until the the analysis completion of each finished product.

3- proved effectiveness: Maximum Quality

Some clear examples:

  • Bacteria in wheat produce hyaluronic acid to protect themselves. This active ingredient is essential for the protection and regeneration of the skin.
  • The Helix Aspersa, rich in glycolic acid, hyaluronic, proteoglycans, amino acids, allantoin, is naturally an ideal complex for wrinkles, spots and lack of firmness.
  • The oat treated by biotechnology, gives a lifting effect to the skin.

How to recognize BIO cosmetics?

1 A good-BIO should contain between 95 and 99% natural ingredients in its formula.

Below 85%, the product belongs to conventional cosmetics


In Europe there are, different certification institutions:


COSMOS is an European standard tunifying the criterias of those five certification bodies. Todayit is the highest level of international certification.

COSMOS criteria

Origin and treatment ingredients.

The ingredients of a cosmetic product are classified into five categories:


Minerals and mineral ingredients

* Agro-ingredients physically / chemically treated

other ingredients

Composition of the total product:

Storage, production and packaging

Environmental management

Labeling and communication

With these criteria, COSMOS performs an initial inspection and a control once acquired annual certification.

How to advise cBIO osmetics?

As conventional cosmetics, BIO satisfies the skin needs, bringing additional values ​​for health:

There are no toxic

It is animal, plant and human well-being respectfull.

Certification is a quality assurance for the consumer. ”

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